Peace of Mind, Confidence and Security for those seniors living alone.

United Lifeline’s excellent reputation is earned by our constant dedication to every detail of customer service over the years our services have earned the trust of the communities we serve based on our reliability, compassion and understanding of the value placed on safety and independence. We have received hundreds of heartfelt thank you letters…

Here are just a few:

“After seeing the system demonstrated. I’m more convinced that Lifeline will provide my mom the protection she needs and myself peace of mind.”

Raymond Martinez, Farmingdale, NY, son of Elizabeth Martinez, subscriber, Brooklyn

“My elderly mother has been using Lifeline for about 4 months and in that short time we have discovered what a wonderful service your company provides. Recently my mother fell while getting into bed and pressed the Lifeline button. She wasn’t hurt but needed assistance in getting up and your service called downstairs to the lobby of her residence, Flushing House. Someone was sent up to help her get off the floor and into bed. Lifeline then called me and, in a calm and reassuring manner, told me what happened and that she was fine and was going to sleep. I cannot praise your people enough.”

Carolyn Ayers, daughter of a subscriber in Queens, NY

“My son sells security systems in California and installed one for me. However, I feel so secure with Lifeline I’m afraid to give it up. Please continue my service.”

Helen Harwood, subscriber, Glen Cove, NY

“On Father’s Day, a very nice young man took time out from his family to repair my unit. I was not aware of the problem until he called and told me. Here is a young man who takes his job seriously. God bless.”

F. D’Angelo, subscriber, and family

“I felt that Lifeline was a critical element of my mother’s peace of mind while she lived alone. I also want to congratulate you on the courtesy of your employee. He was very kind…thank you again.”

Carol Reinisch, daughter of Marjorie Reinisch